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March 31, 2008



I am not ready to go raw - I am a baker through and through - but I love that I can live vicariously through you and get some tips and recipes for healthier living.

Question: Where does the cocoa powder come from? I ask because cocoa is typically made after cocoa beans are roasted at high temperatures and milled. The resulting "chocolate liquor" is pressed, releasing cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Temperatures typically exceed 115F.


Cindy, what's the recipe for the chocolate smoothie? It sounds wonderful!

Sally Benfield

You are an inspiration! I commend your willingness to challenge yourself with this venture and am so impressed with self control. Imagine giving up coffee and chocolate before you actually had to. What a trooper!!


Way to go! You are in for quite a win-win rawventure. If you want to try some rawsome recipes visit The Daily Raw Cafe. I try to keep the recipes sweet and simple and of course delicious.

I just finished a 93-day juice feast and right now I'm eating raw and weight training to build a fitness body.

All of you rawk for what you're doing.

Peace and Love,
The Daily Raw Cafe

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