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April 15, 2008


Glen Colello

Thanks for the props
For me,after last nights call
and hearing nobody screaming from a mountain top that raw food is the best ever, I made me step back a bit and think more about the other things in my life that are great & I want to be sure I communicate to all of you the fun is in the journey more so than the destination


Well, but why not reconsider values as they relate to food - or anything else, for that matter? Not necessarily because one must, but because the occasion presents itself - and because, indeed, there are real consequences to every choice each of us makes. I love coffee, too, and occasionally I have some, but I am also aware that the coffee - and, for that matter, the cocoa - trades in some areas of the world involve forced labor - essentially, slavery. Americans generally aren't keen on thinking globally, and that tunnel vision hasn't done much for our health, our economy, or our stature in the eyes of the world. Is there an implicit harm in rethinking values? I don't think there is. It's possible to have a blazing good time and yet contemplate ideas and changes at the same time; after all, isn't that what a lot of music, especially rock music, is all about?

Eric replies: Point taken, but I never said I wasn't reconsidering my values. My objection is to condescending lectures from people who feel they are somehow in a position to instruct me on what my values should be.


What a phenominal quote, Eric... . I have SO been enjoying your team's sharings each day. I hope you will continue, for at least a week after your month is up to let us know how you transition back or if you do. You have been so honestly wonderful to share how you transitioned in.... With Great admiration and appreciation!


Big ups to that. Great post Eric.

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