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April 17, 2008



Great blog! There’s plenty of useful information and motivation. I’ll definitely be back. Check out my blog at Http://www.realfoodforlife.blogspot.com . I’ve been juicing for years starting with a “Vitamix” in the 70’s to a “Juiceman in the 90’s and love juicing’s benefits. Recently I found a ready to mix "Instafresh" powder that has 30 fruits and berries, 30 super greens and vegetables, 11 nuts, seeds and sprouts all in an easy to mix, delicious, organic concentrate that has 83 Active Enzymes and Minerals and 22 Resilient Living Probiotics. It's absolutely the best raw whole food supplement on the market today. Great for people on the go! And all for just $1 per serving! Now that's juicing for the new millennium! Just read the label and get a sample like I did at Http://www.urilife.com/realfoodforlife/products.html I think you’ll love it! And yes, I still make a fresh carrot, apple, parsley juice cocktail in my home juicer and I freeze the carrot and apple pulp for fresh carrot cake!

Grace and Peace,

Joz  Lee

Here goes: Top Chef TV show last night featured Jicama Tacos! Looking good. Decided to share this with you,so you can have a Taco!


RAWgards Joz

Joz  Lee

It seems that you 3 doing the RAW diet will not even come close to experiencing the next phase of going into Gourmet Raw! The fine dining and fine meals that we'v been having come in time and 30 days of raw will 'cheat' you out of this experience. You have not even lookied at this;gliving.tv/greenchefs/recipes/red-beet-ravioli/ Then 'tortillas' that are posted here; http://www.adventuresinrawfood.com/raw-corn-tortillas are delicious so you don't have to 'miss' them! BBQ there are possibilities! and you might enjoy Fajitas! here; My recipe! http://www.rawfreedomcommunity.info/forum/showthread.php?t=294&highlight=Fajitas so enjoy? any other recipes? let me know! RAWgards Joz

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