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April 24, 2008



It's not clear to me that any single human has a biological imperative to reproduce. It's not like the world is running low on people.


Eric replies: OK, but humans collectively are hardwired to propagate the species.


I've heard this kind of thinking from a few raw foodists, and it bugs me too. I think people who have this belief are likely to have some sort of eating disorder like orthorexia.

This may come from people whose former SAD diet was not especially satisfying, or who don't have a strong cultural identity with a cuisine. You won't hear this from someone with an Italian mom, for example!

However, I don't find this perspective to be typical (nor a "big piece" of raw thinking). Raw food can be so pleasing to the senses that it's impossible to believe it's only fuel.


For some, cooked food will always be the devil... not for me. In the Peace Corps, way in the bush, years ago, I was offered some stew of highly questionable nature and to refuse would have set things back socially on so many levels. It had also been boiled for half a day... it was consumed with no ill effects... we forget, I believe, that there can be a sort of 'protective energy' around with food.... it's all about attitude which can be healthier than any substance on a plate.... We all see things differently.....

I so appreciate your honest sharing....


Well said. I like going out to lunch and dinner and for drinks not only because WnT makes kick-ass burgers but because some of my best memories are of commandeering 4 tables in the back for 3 hours on a Sunday night. Sure, the same could be done at someone's house over a pile of greens but, frankly, it's not the same. And for that reason, no, cooked food is not the devil.

Good luck with the next week and when it's over, enjoy some hot food everything that comes along with it.



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