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April 21, 2008



The leukocytosis research is from 1930. 1930. See, this is my problem with many raw foodists. Instead of using recent, peer-reviewed studies to back up their claims, they have this idea that they like, and grasp at straws to find things to support it. This is frustrating, because I think America would be a MUCH healthier place if everyone ate a raw, vegan diet. But please, use REAL facts and REAL science to back you claims up!


Glen - can you give us some links to peer reviewed info? I have not read anything about that in any of my physiology textbooks.

Glen Colello

moderation is scary in the Western diet

One has to be ready to live the ifestyle When treated as a diet you "can't" eat certain stuff
when it's a lifestyle you get to eat Chocolate, Carrot ginger soup, Super food smoothies...
Eating cooked foods = leukoytosis


( j )

Dubs--Yes, the body will manufacture enzymes to digest the food we eat, if it doesn't contain it's own. But, it has to convert its metabolic enzymes into digestive enzymes at a ratio of 10:1. Also, there is real evidence that the enzymes in foods are used in the digestive process. Studies on animal saliva when fed cooked vs. uncooked food show that they will start manufacturing and secreting digestive enzymes when the food no longer contains it.


I'm really impressed with how far you've all come. Good for you! Just think ... one more weekend and it's over!

I've also been wondering what you were all planning to eat when this is over so thanks for answering my unasked question!


Coming from a science background, the easiest way to see harm in cooked food is thinking of the millions of essential, stress essential, enzymes that become inactive after 37 degrees celcius. Doing research on these will really help you to understand the importance of ingesting these in their active, whole form!


It's very confusing to know what to make of the some of the claims of raw foodists. Many of them are completely specious. For example, i have repeated heard the claim that an avocado won't make you fat because it contains lipases to help break down the fats so they don't clog your arteries. This belies basic understanding of human physiology and biochemistry. Lipase is produced by your pancreas and breaks down ALL fats before they can absorbed by your intestinal villi. You CANNOT absorb un-brokendown fat! It is factually untrue. (Look up exocrine pancreatic insufficiency if you want to see what happens when you cannot digest your dietary fat).

On a related note, you often hear that you need the enzymes in the food to help you digest it and that heat breaks down these enzymes. Heat is not the only thing that denatures proteins (enzymes are proteins). "Denaturing" is a fancy word for "unfolding." For an enzyme to be active it needs to be in a certain shape. Heat, acids, salt and chemicals can all denture proteins. I have seen (and eaten!) raw food recipes where the foods are pickled in vinegar, or wilted in salt, or softened in lemon juice -- all of these practices denature enzymes and can make them inactive. Also, remember that the pH of the stomach may go as low as 1.0. That level of acidity denatures proteins.

That being said, there is at least one very good reason for eating a high-raw diet that is under SCIENTIFIC investigation: "AGEs" or "advanced glycation end-products." Go to PubMed and search for "Maillard Reaction" or "AGEs" to get some peer-reviewed information. I included some links -- two from wikipedia for quick background, and one from a diabetes journal.

Honestly, you're not poisoning your family with cooked food. The best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to cut back as much as you can on animal products, and eat more fruits and vegetables. But if you want to eat a raw foods diet, and you take your B12 supplements (you need those with a vegan diet too) and can ensure that you get all of your essential amino acids (hemp is a good source) go for it - it is an extremely healthy diet, even if some of the claims of raw foodists are so wrong it makes me want to weep. I always want to ask them "Where is your proof?! This isn't 1300s England! We can measure things and do experiments! Validate your claims! AUGH!"

Hm. I guess I sound a bit loony. I'll stop.

If you want to read some good books by actual MDs and PhDs, read "The China Study" and anything by Dr. Fuhrman. I'm currently in medical school, and both have been recommended to me by professors.



I've been following your experiment with great interest and I am so impressed with the willpower exhibited - of which I have none! But you raise a point that I've been wondering about. Of course cooking means in many cases nutrients are lost in food, but there are actually some veggies where the nutrients are more readily absorbed once they are cooked - spinach and tomatoes, to name two. So, I think your experiment confirms for me that all things in moderation lead to balance and good health!

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