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April 18, 2008



Awesome!! I have a green smoothie for breakfast every day too! I love them, sometimes I have another in the evening too:) My son really liked it, but my husband hated it, he said it was like grazing in the front yard, lol.

Raw Chef Dan

awesome. that is so awesome because most people think right off the bat that good for you taste like crap and these average people liked it. If they only new what it can do for their health they would all be doing it every morning. Now they might get inspired.

Glen Colello

A green drink through brain washing looks less apealing to most people than a brown bubbly soda???
Nice job!


More videos! :)


That's funny. What a great idea!

It's interesting to see people object to the same thing on different grounds. Some wrinkle their nose at raw, some at anything green, some just because of the person pushing it on them...

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