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March 28, 2008


nancy joyce


would any of you like to learn to make your own sprouts? i have been sprouting since i was a san francisco hippie in the 60's. it is easy and best way to insure they are safe.

i would never buy sprouts in the store. sprouts are sold in clever containers to keep them alive and growing. unfortunately, people do not understand that bacteria will also grow well in the same containers. if customers handle meats with ecoli and then handle the spout containers - well you can see the dangerous potential.

nancy joyce


I enjoyed a great raw breakfast and lunch yesterday, but when it came time for dinner, I dined as my son dined. The fragrance of the homemade minestrone soup and homemade bread I'd prepared for my son, on a chilly, damp evening, was most alluring. Still, we ate well: the soup was made with carrots, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, wholegrain vegetable alphabet pasta, yellow split peas, a little olive oil, sea salt, thyme and oregano. The bread was unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, ground flax, sea salt, cinnamon, a touch of olive oil, and a touch of maple. Of course, with a whole pot of soup and bread already made, my son and I had some more for breakfast! For lunch, he took brown rice with lentils and corn, and an apple for dessert. With so many dishes already prepared - I try to cook in quantity when I can - I won't be so tempted today "just to have a taste" of what my son is having at dinnertime. If I prepare some good raw dishes in advance, and prepare an individual vegan pizza just for my son's dinner, I should be able to move closer to my goal of eating raw for the rest of the day.


This is a great idea - I'll look forward to reading about how the 30 days go. I have recently had to overhaul our family's diet due to my young childrens' food allergies and medical issues, and although we are not raw vegans, I think this story will resonate with anyone who has had to radically step away from the standard American diet. Good luck!

Oh, and I found avocados to be very satisfying when you are craving cheese . . .

David Giardina

I'm a Middletown, CT native now living in NYC. I want to give a big Congrats to you three for giving yourself this gift and for sharing it with others! I've been living this lifestyle since 2001 and I will tell you honestly I've never felt better in my life! Being that most people are not doing this, or not even aware of this lifestyle - it is important to seek out a solid support-base. There is much more support for living UNhealthily than not. Going to lectures, reading and networking is invaluable for to gain information, support and inspiration. I've just written a book on the nature of health and wellness called "A BANANA IN MY POCKET (but I'm still happy to see you)" which is about the raw food lifestyle as well as the myths we are taught to believe about health and disease. It's available at:
All the best to you all! Bravo again.

Bette Shaw

You go rawkin it are in for a ride of your life beyond anything you can imagine.Unlike any other eating program you have undertaken.
I am raw and feel blessed and grateful every meal,every smoothie,every bit of food I eat,that I have been turned to this way of life.Congratulations! Go with it.For it will take you places.I will keep up on your progress.Glen is a great coach.


Bravo! What a cool idea! I'm coming along on this adventure, too, as a reader. I've been a vegetarian for 30 years, a vegan since December 2004. I've always wanted to try a raw food diet. I'm pretty healthy overall, but I do have a health issue of my own I'd like to see permanently resolved. I'm 50 year-old, 5'5", 128 pounds. I walk a couple of miles a day, at least. The exceptions I'll make: hot tea, miso soup, some cooked sea vegetables. Cheers!

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