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April 03, 2008



"My weakness is condiments"

I 1000% know what you mean. I will eat anything if I can put something interesting or tasty on it. Sometimes, for me, food is a vehicle for the condiments I'd be too ashamed to eat with a spoon.


Good for you guys! Raw food diet is tough, a few years ago I went to the Living Light Culinary Institute in Ca. for a month I ate only raw and learned alot about food and the human body etc. I did however go through a detox, but a small piece of bread made me fell better. When I came back to Ct. I found it to expensive and time consuming to keep up, plus the fact that I'm regular food chef, so at odds here. Also went to the tree of life for a week or so, Dr. Cousins is great, also met with David Wolf there. Anyhow I am now a chef at Whole Foods in W. hftd ctr. and very occassionally whip up something raw for the salad bar, I do make a mean raw lasagne. Good luck with your diets and stop by the Market some evening, I may be able to give you some good recipes.

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