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April 03, 2008


Nadia Humphries

Ive always excercised and eated lots of fruit. I read fit for life many years ago and It changed my life. Natalia's book has been the missing link and since Ive read it I couldnt be happier. I cant thank you enough Natalia. Like you say in your book your body tells you instinctivly what it needs and for so many of us we havnt been listening and have been blind to the truth. Thank you for the truth and I only wish you lived in Australia so I could come to one of your seminars. Thank you so so very much, its how God made us to eat, fruit salad and veggies.


Point of information: we soaked the sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms in warm water for about 10 minutes before adding them to the sauce.


Have you all checked out Natalia Rose? http://www.therawfooddetoxdiet.com/
She touts a very sensible version of raw fooding life; it isn't extreme.

The Green Lemonade recipe is absolutely delicious and when I drink it regularly I feel light and happy.

Unfortunately, we have been renovating our kitchen since October and doing too much over-salted take-out has left me feeling sloggy, bloated and ready to to juice again. I'm following your stories with interest...good luck!


Raw pasta? Really?

Eric replies: Yes, but "pasta."

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