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May 13, 2008



Thanks to you chia seed is now a part of my diet too! I make some chia gel and add it to my green smoothies in the morning. I'd be interested in the chia pudding recipe.

Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. I'm trying to eat as much raw as possible, I'm at about 50% right now. My downfall seems to be in the evening after work. I'll keep trying.

Again, thanks for sharing.


Thanks for this post. Whatever it is, it's all good.

Even though you analyzed every food when you were raw, you probably didn't bother counting calories or obsess about fats. Why do you think you want to now? (Coconut milk and oil is amazing, by the way.)

There's a difference to me between a positive interest in eating foods like greens, fruits, and nuts - and a negative interest in meat or dairy. I think when we find ourselves developing a positive interest in good foods, there's just less cause to eat foods you have a negative interest in.

Maybe you'll discover a positive interest in different grains, homemade seitan, or who know what else. As a vegan it no longer occurs to me to eat things I don't consider "food," so I'm not so burdened by the negative interests.


greetings from a raw foodist :) my personal experience shows absolute amazing life changes! relationships, health, viewpoints, everything has improved over the past few years! my partner & I now facilitate intestinal cleansing, coupled with a 100%, alkalizing {i.e. food as medicine} diet {which we have created recipes for}, customized for each individual who so desires an absolutely radiance-producing approach towards optimal health...more postings {comments to come, low battery right now}...

peace, love, light

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